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What are Revenue Site in mysore or Revenue Lands or Revenue Pockets?

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What is Revenue Site in Mysore? 

Any piece of land is considered to be agricultural land unless MUDA/MCC/KHB or any other designated government authority acquires and develop it in the form of layout for residential or commercial purpose. A Revenue Site in Mysore is still a land that is considered agricultural land by the government and it is not feasible to construct unless its DC is converted. If the properties are turned into sites without conversion, they are called revenue sites. The term revenue site in Mysore became popular as the owners of such properties used to pay agricultural revenue tax earlier. 

Revenue sites are more affordable when compared to MUDA sites but the risk is also high. Revenue sites have difficulties with the resale and seeking a bank loan. The sub-registrar will sometimes stop the registration of such sites, and sometimes under certain circumstances the government will allow registration, there is a new law being framed by the government of Karnataka called Akrama Sakrama under which, it is said to regularize registration of revenue sites. 

How does the registration of revenue sites in Mysore works?


Revenue Site in mysore

Usually, an agreement on the stamp paper is done between the seller and the buyer, this is how the transfer of property is done, and this does not stand credible legally. A lawyer’s office itself is the record-keeping party in this scenario, so people go to prepare a sale agreement only to that lawyer where an existing agreement is made. In some cases, Revenue Site registration is done in sub-registrar’s office but there are no clear guidelines from the authorities on the category of sites eligible for registration neither a Khatha is created for such properties, 11B Khatha is issued in certain cases if it’s coming under rural panchayat jurisdiction. 

DC Converted Land:


An agricultural piece of land assessed and confirmed by the District Commissioner (DC) stating that the land can be used for non-agricultural purposes is called DC converted land, here the purpose of DC conversion should be checked whether it is for commercial or residential, it is more likely to get Khatha and other approvals from authorities like MUDA/DTCP/MCC for construction in this land and it is safe for buying and construction for residential/commercial purpose. you must consider major advantages and disadvantages while buying Revenue site in mysore ,revenue lands or revenue pockets 

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