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What is Khatha?

What is Khatha?

What is Khatha? 

Khatha is a general word we see while dealing with properties in Mysore, it is nothing but a term referred to as an “Account” maintained in concerned authority for a particular property. This account is used for paying property taxes and this is created in the owner’s name. For example, if you buy a property in Mysore whether it could be DTCP or MUDA approved then an account should be created in the owner’s name in that particular authority which is called Khatha and related taxes should be paid in that account. Generally, MUDA maintains the accounts of the properties developed by them and whereas Khatha maintenance in DTCP jurisdiction properties is maintained in Zilla panchayat or city corporation. In most cases, Khatha of MUDA approved properties in Mysore is maintained by City Corporation. The property taxes collected are used for the maintenance of infrastructure by the authorities. 

How to create a Khatha?

Before registration of your property in Mysore, the owner will clear all the taxes and undergo a property registration process, this is a mandatory process while registering property in others names. After purchasing a property and completing the registration process you have to make sure the account “Khatha” is been transferred to your name so that you can pay taxes on that property thereafter. You have to see where the Khatha is maintained (MUDA/City corporation/Zilla Panchayat) and visit the office with the Sale deed and other related documents and request the authorities for the transferring, after completing the process and paying nominal fees a new Khatha certificate will be issued in your name. 

What is 11A Khatha? 

11A Khatha is a category of Khatha which means the property documents are clear and the land developer (MUDA, MCC or private) has cleared all the legal procedures and sought approvals from the concerning authorities. It is always good to check the category of Khatha before buying property in Mysore, you can ask for a copy of the existing Khatha certificate issued to the current owner and consult with a property advisor or lawyer for verification of the same. The properties in Mysore having 11A Khatha are of high value in the market. Generally, land which comes under MUDA jurisdiction and is developed by MUDA themselves or by other prominent private developers carries 11A Khatha. The properties that pickyourpoperties sales come under 11A Katha itself.

What is 11B Khatha?

The properties outside the jurisdiction of MUDA or city limits or some revenue layouts carry 11B Khatha. The properties in Mysore which have 11B Khatha does not mean that it is illegal or having any major disapproval, it is still safe to own these properties. The revenue department authorities have created this concept to encourage payment of property taxes even to the properties which are raised without any dedicated authority directly governing it. This means the authorities have created a mechanism to collect property taxes and owners are instructed to pay in these respective accounts. 11B Khatha properties are mainly situated in rural areas and revenue layouts developed by private builders. 

What is Kandaya? 

The term Kandaya refers to property tax, the revenue department is authorized to collect property taxes from the owners through their respective property accounts (Khatha). Usually, a property number will be given and you have to pay taxes annually by visiting Mysore one office or MCC zonal office. Whether it is 11A or 11B Khatha, it is mandatory to pay taxes on the property.

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