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7 Questions To Ask A Real Estate Developer Before Buying An Apartment In Bangalore

Buying An Apartment In Bangalore is a great place that is drawing people who are interested in relocating to India as well as people from other countries who are considering doing the same. Bangalore is also the focal point of numerous large-scale development initiatives, including the construction of a huge number of brand-new apartment complexes. People who are interested in purchasing an apartment within the city now have access to a greater number of available possibilities. Although this is a positive development, it also implies that it will be more challenging for you to select the ideal apartment for purchase.

Buying An Apartment In Bangalore

This blog will look at 7 questions that you should ask any real estate developer before purchasing an apartment.


  1. Request the title deedAlways request the title deed, which is a vital document that establishes who owns the land. This document aids in the legal sale, rental, and borrowing of the property in addition to demonstrating ownership.
  2. Ensure the construction’s quality: To get an idea of the quality, enquire about the materials that will be used for your tiles and fittings before Buying An Apartment In Bangalore.
  3. Ask about the builder’s past work: Find out how long the contractor has been in operation. Inquire about the past properties he has built-in Bangalore. This will offer you a notion of delivery schedules, quality, maintenance, and compliance with regulations, among other things. Determine the cause of the delivery delay, if one has occurred, and if the event that there was a delay in the delivery.
  4. How will the value of the property appreciate in the future: There are a variety of strategies, like remodeling and landscaping, that may be used to enhance the value of any property in Bangalore; however, before Buying An Apartment In Bangalore the location of the property is one aspect that cannot be altered. When it comes to real estate investing, location is of the utmost significance for several reasons. If you want to see profitable returns in the future, you will need to investigate not just the amenities that are already there but also the ones that are planned to be added in the near future.
  5. Request a copy of the construction plan: The builder may possibly tell you that these apartments are the best in all of Electronic City, but if they don’t have a building design that’s been approved, you’ll be getting yourself into problems if you are Buying An Apartment In Bangalore. It is crucial to have a building design that has been approved because any development that has not been authorized in advance is illegal and could be subject to demolition.
  6. Is this a RERA-approved project: Even though the Real Estate Act makes it essential for all commercial and residential real estate projects including land above 500 square meters to register with the RERA, you will still discover some shady builders who refuse to comply with this requirement. If you choose a project that has been approved by RERA in Bangalore or anyplace else before Buying An Apartment In Bangalore, you can rest confident that you will receive your purchase on time and that there will be increased transparency between you and the developer.
  7. Legal documents copies: Request a copy of an occupancy certificate, encumbrance certificate, Khata certificate, and NOCs Buying An Apartment In Bangalore. These documents must be obtained from several departments such as the Pollution Board, Environment Department, Sewage Board, Traffic Department, etc. The encumbrance certificate would ensure that the property is free from all encumbrances and loans, while the occupancy certificate would ensure that the construction of the building has been done according to the approved plan and that it is ready to be occupied. Both certificates would be required for the property to be free from any encumbrances and loans.


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