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What is a BDA Approved Site and Why Does it Matter For Us?

How do you know if your proposed construction site or housing project is in the right place? It’s simple! Check with bda approved site the Bangalore Development Authority, to see if it has approved your building plans and whether or not it has issued you an A Katha, a revenue record that proves that you have been given the green light to start building in accordance with your plans.

bda approved site

A Brief History of Bangalore Development Authority

Bangalore Development Authority (BDA) came into existence on August 16, 1970. It was formed by the separation of erstwhile Bangalore Municipality under Section 421 of the Karnataka Municipal Corporations Act. Before that, a part of old Bangalore was merged with the rest of Mysore State as directed by His Excellency’s Order No.

The approval process from Ideation to Operational

The first step in getting your construction project approved by BDA is to apply. This can be done at any of their respective offices or through a portal called DDWeb. The application includes details such as an area that needs to be covered, the purpose of the building (commercial/residential), the number of floors, etc. Once you have submitted your application, here comes one important stage called scrutiny.

Why does it matter?

Buying land in Bangalore (Bengaluru) for construction purposes can be a daunting task. With all its complexities, one can get easily confused about what bda approved site are and why they matter. To understand what approval from the Building & Development Authority means, let us first know how an approval process works.

How does BDA approval differ from other approvals?

While most of you might have heard about approval from BDA (Bangalore Development Authority), few of you would know what makes these bda approved sites different. As a layman, we see that there are various approvals required for building on existing land or land purchase. These approvals mostly focus on making sure that The Plan (layout plan) submitted by your builder is legally possible according to applicable rules and norms.

How can you get approval?

A person can obtain approval of building plans by following several different procedures. The first step is always to submit a request for approval through forms made available by your local authority. They will then assess whether or not you meet all of their requirements, before issuing a planning permit if they decide that you do. Once you have obtained planning permission from your local authority, known as being formally approved, you will then be able to make an application for an A Katha with your county council office.

How long does approval take?

Most of us need construction in our house or apartment that needs approval. The land should be located at a place where proper infrastructure like water, electricity, drainage, etc. are available. At such a place we can apply to get a bda approved site so that we can construct our home/building in that particular location.

What are its benefits?

One of them is financial, as many people face difficulty in borrowing money from lenders because their project does not have approval from BDA. Some also feel that having a BDA-approved site for their home or commercial project gives them peace of mind that they are doing everything by rules. If you are thinking about building your own home in Bangalore, investing in a good piece of land with approval can give you peace of mind that you have taken all possible measures before building your dream house.

A BDA-approved site does not indicate that a builder’s project will also be approved. The plans for a builder’s project will have to go through another detailed scrutiny before being approved by authorities. If a builder has had his plans rejected in the past, he may not have any new projects coming up bda approved site for sale in near future. An unapproved project by a particular builder should not deter you from buying an apartment of your choice from a different developer who has been able to prove his credibility with repeated successes.

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