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An ultimate guide to buy 3 bhk apartments in Bangalore

3 BHK apartments in Bangalore

In search of 3BHK apartments in Bangalore? Here’s what you need to know. In this article, you’ll learn what are required to buy 3BHK apartments in Bangalore.

Bangalore has always been a city where real estate prices have never been low. A limited supply of housing units is in demand, and the demand is high. This makes the price of property very high.

When buying a home, there are many factors to consider. It would be best to consider several things before you decide to buy a house.

An ultimate guide to buy 3 bhk apartments in bangalore

You should be aware of the following factors if you intend to buy 3 BHK apartments in Bangalore:


Do your research

-If you’re looking to buy 3 BHK apartments in Bangalore, do your research before starting the search. You can search online or ask friends who live there. Do some background checks on the builder and the locality. Find out if they have been sued. Also, find out what kind of maintenance they provide.

– Ask yourself if you need such a vast space? Is it worth paying so much money for just one flat? How will you use it? These questions help you understand whether you need more space or not.

– When you visit an apartment, don’t forget to take pictures from all angles. It’s essential to see what the apartment looks like from every angle.

– Look at different options available in the market. Don’t limit yourself to only one option. Compare the pros and cons of each option.

– Make sure you know about the area you want to stay in. Know the local amenities, schools, hospitals, shopping centres etc.


– Location plays a significant role when it comes to choosing an apartment. A good location can fetch you better returns than a lousy location.

– Always choose a building which is close to your workplace.

– Choose a building near parks, malls, schools, colleges, hospitals etc.

– Try to avoid crowded areas.

– If possible, try to get a flat facing north. Northside gets maximum sunlight throughout the day.

Building quality

– An apartment that is well maintained attracts potential buyers. So, look for a well-maintained building.

– Inspect the condition of the walls and floors.

– Check if the windows and doors are correctly fitted and if the lift works fine.

– Check if there are a sufficient number of parking slots.

– Check if all the rooms are spacious enough.

– Check if it’s airy and bright

Convenience matters

– Apartments which are located near public transport stations attract many people.

– It is also important that an apartment has good access to other parts of the city.

– Apartments that face open spaces tend to fetch higher values as compared to those which are surrounded by buildings.

– Apartments located in prime locations fetch higher rents.

– Apartments with swimming pools, gyms, clubhouses etc. are always in demand.


In conclusion, we will advise you to visit the developer’s website, read the “brochures”, check the floor-plans, check the amenities and location and then just make your mind, there’s no point in delaying it till the last minute and then regretting your decision. If you check out all the factors and logically plan your purchase, then there’s no chance of making a wrong decision. Finally, we’ll advise you to not just see the property, but live in it, if you are looking to buy 3 BHK apartments in bangalore check out properties at

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