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Real Estate Channel Partners in Bangalore – Changing Landscape of Real Estate

A Channel Partner in Bangalore – A real estate channel partner makes the entire process of selling or buying property much easier and smoother than before. This article discusses what Channel Partners in Bangalore can do for you, their benefits, and the changing face of the real estate industry due to the emergence of Real Estate Channel Partners in Bangalore in India. In this way, buyers can deal directly with real estate agents who are located in Bangalore or any other city or state and can save on the commission fee paid to brokers who may not have the local expertise and don’t understand the market dynamics of an area.

real estate channel partners in bangalore

What makes an ideal channel partner?

When you partner with a channel partner it is important to have a clear understanding of who he or she is and what they can offer. Some key criteria make an ideal channel partner

Ask these questions before you decide on your channel partner

1. Does your prospective real estate channel partner practice open-book pricing or do they have incentive-based programs? 

2. What is their level of investment and commitment to your success? 

3. How much money and time will it take for you to achieve break-even on them? 

4. How does your channel partner handle customer objections? 

5. Are you a priority or are you at the bottom of their list? 

6. Will their sales team add value to your brand, instead of damaging it? 

7. Before you make any plans with your channel partner

Be sure you do your research by checking out their past performance and references. This ensures that you are dealing with a reliable partner. If a channel partner is not capable or confident enough to meet all of your needs, perhaps it’s time to find another one. If a real estate channel partner does not effectively collaborate with other members of your team, then again maybe it’s time to look for another one. Choose a channel partner who will bring growth and mutual success to both parties involved.

What should be discussed during the first meeting with a prospective client?

The first meeting with a prospective client should establish your competence, solution and ask for business. The only question that matters is whether or not you can help them reach their objectives. During your initial contact with a prospect, answer these three questions: 

1) Why do you want to meet? 

2) How will you benefit from what I am offering?

3) What does success look like for our company if we work together?

 If you can’t answer all three, go home and try again.

How to prepare for future meetings with clients?

Channel partners are progressively acting as advisors and sales professionals, rather than mere brokers. There is a massive difference between the two. A broker acts as a link between the buyer and the seller and takes a commission from both parties. However, an advisor differs from a broker in that he takes no commission from either party but is compensated by his employer for his advice given to either or both of them; he also commits to helping one party throughout an entire deal while a broker only helps during its initial stages.

The best way to share information about the deal with your client?

No matter how well you have worked out a deal, it is always advisable to share it with your channel partner for his opinion. If a real estate channel partner finds any issues with your deal then it’s better that you iron them out before closing. At least in my experience, he has been able to save us some money and also help us understand if we are getting fair value. It’s better to hear bad news early than late! real estate channel partner helps us to buy property and they gave us knowledge about property.

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