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Is it better to rent or buy apartments in Bangalore?

To rent or buy apartments in Bangalore is a persistent problem for most of us. To include in this confusion, we are burdened a great deal of well-meaning guidance from our friends and family perplexing us even further. While the possibility to buy apartments in Bangalore does seem enticing, the worry of month-to-month EMI’s looms big upon us. You may have read several posts about how renting always beats buying. However, let us fast forward to 2020. This pandemic has shown us the most critical lesson: huge or little; you need to have your own home where no one can relocate you and secure you from lethal viruses.

Is it better to rent or buy apartments in Bangalore?

Know about the benefits of buying over renting

Renting apartments in Bangalore is cheaper than to buy apartments in Bangalore, but some people argue that the savings from doing so might be put to better use by buying supplies or mutual funds. But, beware; the stock exchange is a very hazardous location when contrasted to reality which is understood to give many secure returns. We have observed how realty was valued to the tune of 6-10 times in particular areas throughout the realty boom in 2002-2013. Though not incomparable proportion, realty financial investments appreciate over a while.

Renting out your Bangalore flats might also help you pay the EMI or part of the EMI, as long as you have the money to do so. A very own home can also be set for a reverse home loan if required. In addition to this, proximity to the work environment, which was considered a significant reason for renting out, no more holds value with more and more firms embracing the work-from-home society. To summarise, living in a rented apartment for sale in Bangalore has several disadvantages. You have virtually little liberty to personalize the location or have animals. Renters are imposed numerous restrictions varying from no house party to no eating of particular foods. You and your family may also find it difficult to adjust to the constant movement.

Buying apartments in Bangalore is crucial and needs considerable thought and appropriate preparation. Besides, you wouldn’t wish to be saddled by massive financing and not have sufficient savings for your other objectives. At least 50% of the property’s cost should come from your wallet if you plan on purchasing a home or business property in Bangalore. An additional choice is not to buy your dream house as your first residence. You can opt for something that suits your allocate currently and go for the home of your desires when you can merge the called for sources.

Based on your financial situation and other aspects such as your debt-income ratio, need vs the desire to buy apartments in Bangalore, and more, you will be able to make an informed decision.


In my opinion, it is much better to buy apartments in Bangalore rather than buying because buying apartments in Bangalore is the best option to have a luxurious home of your own. It gives you a chance to enjoy a comfortable life with a lot of things you like to have in your home. Also, it is much more useful to buy apartments in Bangalore rather than renting them.

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