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What are the benefits of buying over renting an apartment in Bangalore?

Renting or buying an  apartment in Bangalore is often a dilemma we face. The complication is further compounded by a great deal of well-meaning advice from family and friends, which is also confusing. While the prospect of purchasing apartment in Bangalore does appear enticing, the anxiety of regular monthly EMI’s looms big upon us. You might have read several posts about how renting trumps purchasing any day. But let’s rewind to 2020. This pandemic has shown us the most significant lesson that, huge or small, you need to have your very own home where nobody can move you out and secure you from lethal infections.

Despite this, you might have heard that the money saved by renting properties in Bangalore is better when compared to the expenses of having a house and can be used to invest in supplies or mutual funds. Yet, beware; the stock market is a highly volatile area compared to reality, which offers many secure returns. We have observed just how the property was valued to the tune of 6-10 times in specific locations throughout the property boom in the period of 2002-2013. Though not incomparable proportion, realty financial investments do value over a while.

apartment in Bangalore

Apartment in Bangalore –  Should you purchase on your own a brand-new residence, or should you just rent one? This is a perpetual argument! Considering the property circumstance in an apartment in Bangalore, several experts recommend that getting an apartment in Bangalore would certainly be a lot more advantageous than renting one. Sans, the economic concern, and the sudden commitment you would be caught up in, buying a home can bring you many perks. With the marketplace fluctuating wildly as well as with so many exterior factors influencing the realty costs.

Below are the actual benefits of purchasing a home rather than renting one if you are a citizen of Bangalore:

Rental fees and also EMIs usually Tally.

Imagine looking for a decently sized apartment in Bangalore that has all the modern amenities and is in a decent neighbourhood. In that case, the rent is most definitely pretty high. Currently, numerous developers supply high-quality residences with all the elegance at rates. So the EMI paid each month typically would be extremely close to the real rent that you might be paying. Despite how long you stay in a house and just how much rental fee you pay, it will still not be your Apartment in Bangalore. Yet when you buy a home, all the monthly expenditures go into an apartment signed up in your name.

Much Easier and Affordable Residence Loans

Housing lendings are now less complicated to obtain than in the past. As long as you have a steady income, you would easily get a housing loan. As well as the procedure, on the whole, has now ended up being quicker and a great deal more convenient. There are very few documents entailed as well as fast; you would certainly have the ability to obtain the funds in your account.

So if you can locate an apartment that fits all your requirements, one that is a good value for money, then you would have the ability to buy it with no hold-up. No matter what tenure you look for, you would be able to discover a variety of mortgage kinds to match every situation.

Who Wouldn’t such as the Tax Benefits?

With the tax slabs changing, you can not fully rejoice when you obtain an increment. Without the right financial investments, a significant portion of your difficult earned money goes into paying tax obligations. However, when you have an apartment in Bangalore, you would certainly be given tax benefits with your housing finance. Money conserved is money earned besides! For some, the revenue tax slab itself would differ as soon as a mortgage is used.

A Great Financial Investment over time

There are numerous places that people choose to buy, including supplies, gold, and more. However, the reality remains among the leading choices of financial investment. Some acquire a house in an area where they might not be residing simply as an investment. As well as, if you select a demanded community, you could likewise use your residence for rent. This can be an added source of income, which can also ease the regular monthly EMIs. Unlike many other investments, an apartment picked in a stable property market includes an appreciation worth rather than devaluation. So when you select to market the Apartment in future, you would have the ability to fetch an excellent price for the very same.

You are Motivated to Save Extra

Right from the moment you think of getting an apartment in Bangalore, you can conserve more every time. The bigger the deposit you make less would be the economic worry in the form of EMI. Stringent monthly budget plans, automated saving approaches, and other such projects would have to be carried out so regarding satisfy the purpose of accumulating funds for your home’s down payment. And also, even after you purchase the Apartment, given that you would certainly be paying the EMIs for several years, it would keep you motivated to save even more and stay clear of unneeded expenditures.

Nothing Defeats the Liberty of Residing by Your Apartment.

Lastly, it is always a fantastic feeling to have a location that you can call “home”. And also have complete liberty to customize your house and change it to fit your preference. Interiors and other alterations within the Apartment can all be done without worry. And all of this can take place if you are ready to pay simply a bit greater than what you pay each month as rent.

RERA has additionally now made points desirable for house customers. And also, the apartment prices in Bangalore are currently respectable in contrast with various other significant city cities.


In conclusion, purchasing an apartment in Bangalore is a great investment decision, but it is not for everybody. If you are a first-time homebuyer, you might want to rent before you buy. However, if you have a solid financial plan, the rewards of homeownership can be well worth the challenges and is filled with advantages. To check out the best properties in Bangalore, Click here.

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