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Reason behind the rise in demand for 2 BHK apartments in Bangalore

2BHK apartments in Bangalore  When asked about the top three features that homebuyers look for when purchasing a residential apartment in Bangalore, budget, location, and the developer came out on top. While the survey indicates that the size of the flat is being overlooked, why is Bangalore experiencing an increase in demand for 2BHK flats in Bangalore? We will first look at the advantages and disadvantages of buying a 1 or 3 BHK apartment.

About 3BHK’s

Their large size makes them ideal for large families, but they have some drawbacks. In the beginning, they are difficult to sell or rent. This investment offers a lower return than a 2BHK. The rent differential between a three-bedroom apartment and a two-bedroom apartment may be approximately 20-25 percent. A third issue is the prohibitive maintenance fees.

1 BHK apartments

The price is reasonable. Maintenance is extremely simple. Furthermore, they are an excellent alternative when you do not wish to pay high rent. These units are more suited to newlyweds and bachelors. Moreover, most metro areas are experiencing a significant gap between supply and demand. Based on the above factors, 2BHK units appear attractive to many people.

2BHK apartments in Bangalore

Advantages of buying 2BHK apartments in Bangalore

A perfect first-time buyer’s property:

Couples or individuals planning to start a family are most likely to purchase their first home. With a growing family, a 1BHK would no longer be adequate, which would prompt them to upgrade to a 2BHK.

Getting on budget:

2 BHK apartments in Bangalore offer both the luxury of a good home and the affordability of affording them. Couples on a budget, bachelors, students, IT employees, or anyone working for a company on a tight budget can benefit greatly from this offer.

Your loan amount will have a lower interest rate:

The majority of consumers find it extremely difficult to purchase a property without a loan. Most people find it beneficial to buy a 2 BHK because the lesser the loan amount, the less the interest.


Maintaining a home is becoming increasingly difficult as both partners work and live increasingly busy lives. It is also becoming increasingly difficult to find domestic help in Bangalore. 2 BHK apartments in Bangalore meets these criteria as it is simple, compact and easy to maintain.

Sells and rents easily:

Bangalore has a large population of small urban families who prefer compact, maintainable, yet comfortable homes. Budget and affordability are also key factors. Therefore, 2BHK apartments in Bangalore make a lot more sense to rent or sell when compared to 1BHK or 3BHK apartments in Bangalore. Further, the burgeoning middle class has helped sell these residential apartments in Bangalore, generating a good return on investment.


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