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Benefits of ready to move in flats in Mysore

The demand for ready to move in flats in Mysore has increased in recent years. Would you like to know why fully-constructed houses are top of the list for homebuyers? Learn more about the benefits of ready to move in flats in Mysore.

Benefits of ready to move in flats in Mysore

Adding clarity

When buying a ready to move in flats in Mysore, see what you will receive. An inspection is necessary before purchasing a property.

As you can see in the pictures, the house is ready for possession, so there are no changes. Consider size, view, connectivity, amenities, and neighbourhood when examining apartments. You can make an informed purchase decision by knowing these factors.

You will not experience any delays with your project.

Ready to move in flats eliminate the primary risk of project postponement. Most housing developments have a completion date. Expenditures overruns can cause you to lose money when a project is delayed, and the process of moving into the house can be slowed down as well.

Providing fast response times

There is immediate occupancy available in the house. You can take possession immediately. The required paperwork must be completed before you move in.

Return on investment

Even if you cannot relocate immediately, renting a flat is an option. One of the many advantages of ready to move in flats are covering extra costs with rental income. EMIs can be paid off with rent money in the case of a housing loan.

Various types of cost savings

A property that is ready for occupancy is exempt from GST. Buying a property is therefore cheaper. Additionally, under-construction houses without completion certificates are subject to GST at the rate of 5%, without input tax credits (ITC), and at 12%, with ITCs.

Loans are tax-deductible under the law.

Taking possession of your home makes you eligible for tax benefits against loan repayments if you financed the purchase with a home loan. Section 80 C allows a deduction of Rs. 1.5 lakhs for principal repayment and Section 24 (b) allows a deduction of Rs. 2 lakhs for interest repayment.

Before you can claim these tax benefits, you must own the property. Ready to move in flats are not subject to service tax.


If you are looking for flats in Mysore, then you must consider looking at the ready to move in flats in Mysore. These are the flats that are already constructed and are ready to move into. These flats are offered to the buyers at a lower price as compared to the normal flats. The reason behind this is that the buyer will not need to invest any money in the construction of the flat. Hence, by investing a lesser sum of money, you can get a ready to move in flat. The buyer does not have to pay for anything such as construction of the flat or for the furniture. The buyer will be able to purchase the ready to move in flats at a lower price. The buyer can get the same amenities in these ready to move in flats as the one he will get in the normal flats. Hence, the buyer can get flats in Mysore at a lower price and can choose to invest the remaining sum of money elsewhere.

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