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Important points to consider while buying Properties in Mysore

Owning a piece of land on this earth is a dream of everyone, home is a basic necessity of every living being. An individual will be called as a well settled person if he has owned his shelter.

Buying properties in mysore by someone is like an expenditure of his lifetime savings and for somebody it is an investment where they will look forward for good returns but nevertheless one thing is common here that anyone will look forward to achieve appreciation when they are investing.

In Mysore city a lot of people ignore on many aspects while buying properties, below we have tried to highlight few factors which a buyer should consider before realizing his lifelong dream. 


Location plays an important factor when you are planning to buy any property, people usually prefer to stay in a calm and peaceful locality and at the same time it should be close to the city center. Nowadays due to rise in real estate prices and shortage of availability of independent properties, people are preferring to buy homes in societies which are available in form of apartments. The location of the property should be close by to the hospitals, groceries, banks, schools and should have good connectivity of roads around.


Age of the property:

If the age of the property (house/building) is more than 10-15 years then generally the market value will be considered only of the land, this factor mainly depends on the build quality. The design of exterior and interior will become out dated if the building crosses certain age, however the scenario is different in commercial properties because it will be yielding good returns.



The government has enacted and appointed respective authorities which regularizes the approvals of the properties which include allotment, registrations, transfer, sale etc. In Mysore city generally the properties which are approved by MUDA and RERA has good value.


Loan facilities:

buying Properties in MysoreUsually many projects are pre-approved by major banks and the individuals can make use of this facility with lower rate of interest, and more over the banks provide loans only to the properties which are worthy and have clear documentation. One should check with the banks if the property is eligible for getting loans.


Vastu compliance:

A major set of people believe in Vastu, its nothing but the way of building which is been constructed, this includes door facing, position of the kitchen, bedrooms and toilets etc. It is believed that the compliance of Vastu brings all the good vibes and fortune to the owner. these are the major poits should consider while  buying Properties in Mysore


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