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Your Quick Guide to Buying Land in mysore : 10 Key Points to Mind

Buying Land in mysore

Your Quick Guide to Buying Land: 10 Key points to Mind:

When real estate’s prices surge, people always look forward to buying a new or a second property in Mysore. But what about the maintenance and renter commotions? What about alternating to owning a parcel of land in the city? Well, that seems to be the better option as you can have your name pinned to it and can also build on the same whenever possible and also has a high resale value in the future which is the icing on the cake. before Buying Land in mysore you should consider this points 

There are ten key points to keep in mind before buying land in Mysore:

Where in Mysore: It is crucial to decide where or in which location you want to buy the land. Factors like water supply, hospitals, schools, parks, bus stand and not to forget the distance from Mysore city plays a vital role before buying.

  1. Plot dimensions: The measurement of the area of land you are planning to buy, considering the area’s topography and soil type, is fundamental.
  2. Title Deed: It is essential to verify the documents comprising the evidence of ownership from the seller. It is also a necessary document if you want to sell the land or property in the future.
  3. Current Price of the land: Do your research on the current land prices in the areas you plan to buy, and then consult the dealers to get the actual plot value.
  4. Seller Authentication: It is always advised to verify the seller’s details and the past and current projects being handled.
  5. EC certificate: The Encumbrance Certificate is an essential and mandatory document that assures that the property you will buy is free from any legal or financial obligations and pending debts.
  6. Document Submission: It is necessary to submit mandatory documents like the title deed, the property tax paid receipt, allotment letter, possession Certificate, Khatha, Encumbrance certificate, etc.
  7. Seller approval: It is essential to get the seller’s approval to validate the facilities like sewage treatment, electricity, and water supply provided by the municipals are formulated accordingly.
  8. Maintenance value: It is essential to learn the yearly maintenance cost that needs to be paid to maintain the basic amenities of the land.
  9. Registration: Once the original documents are submitted, the land gets registered at the sub registrar’s office. Investing in land is a good idea, but investing in it the smart and the right way is a great idea! Invest safely! Invest smart!

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