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All About Mysuru City Corporation ( MCC )

Mysuru City Corporation

Mysuru City Corporation (MCC)  ಮೈಸೂರು ಮಹಾನಗರ ಪಾಲಿಕೆ

Mysuru city corporation was established as a municipality in the year 1888 and later emerged as City Corporation in the year 1977. Mysore City Corporation is responsible for the civic administration such as engineering works, health, sanitation, water supply, administration, and taxation of the city. Mysore City Corporation was awarded as the second-best city municipal corporation and was given the “Nagara Ratna” award in 2011.

Mysore City CorporationThe administration of MCC is headed by a Mayor who is assisted by the MCC commissioner and members of the council, MCC commissioner will be a KAS officer, council members are the ward corporators and corporators elect Mayor annually. Corporators are elected once in 5 years by the residents of the city. The head office of MCC is located in new sayyaji rao road, chamrajpura. Mysore City Corporation has formed zonal offices in all areas to help the general public.  


What MCC does? 

  • Collection of property tax: MCC is responsible to collect property tax commonly known as Kandaya annually from the property owners in Mysore
  • Maintaining cleanliness: MCC is responsible to maintain cleanliness through its health department, it undertakes door-to-door garbage collection drive regularly and has laid drainage connections in its jurisdiction.
  • Construction of infrastructure: MCC also undertakes construction of roads, residential buildings for urban slum dwellers, parks, etc. And sometimes MCC also undertakes the formation of residential and commercial layouts and complexes under the execution of several schemes of government to fulfill the demand of the public. 
  • Trade license: MCC provides trade licenses to all commercial establishments in the city 
  • Construction approvals: MCC provides plan approvals for buildings and construction of layouts after inspections, later completion report is also provided.  
  • Waste management: MCC also operates waste management plants and contribute in the solid waste management system 

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