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What is DTCP?

DTCP stands for Department of Town and Country Planning, DTCP has its headquarters in Bangalore headed by the director of Town and Country Planning. It has four Divisional Offices at Bengaluru, Mysuru, and Kalaburagi. DTCP was formed under Karnataka Town and Country Planning Act 1961 and Karnataka Urban Development Authorities Act 1987. 

What does DTCP do?

  1. Preparation of master plans for the development of rural and urban areas and conducting socio-economic surveys
  2. Plays a major role in developing schemes such as town extension, development, rehabilitation, ashrama, etc. 
  3. Providing technical assistance to Karnataka State Town and Country Planning Board, Urban Development Authorities, Karnataka Housing Board, Karnataka Industrial Areas Development Board, Karnataka Slum Clearance Board, and other such agencies. 
  4. DTCP provides a major source of information to the revenue department regarding the conversion of agricultural land to non-agricultural uses. 

What is the impact of DTCP in Mysore?

The land which is developed on the outskirts of the city limits falls under the jurisdiction of DTCP and requires its approval. Whereas the plots developed in inner-city urban areas need approval from Mysore Urban Development Authority (MUDA). So if one is looking to buy a property in the form of a plot then he has to make sure the plot developer has taken necessary approvals from DTCP. 

How to check DTCP approval before buying the plot in Mysore?

Normally DTCP issues a specific number for each real estate project they approve, with the help of this number one can visit the zonal office and verify the details or can check online as well by visiting here and search for the approval. This is a very important factor while investing and the concerned people should be fully aware before proceeding. DTCP approved projects are legal and comply with all necessary paperwork. 

Why purchase DTCP approved plots in Mysore? 

Mysore is known as a heritage city and a hub for tourism and development, Mysore is one of the major cities in Karnataka and is considered for its potential investment in real estate. Just 150 kilometers away from Bangalore which is the capital city of the state and Mysore is well connected to different cities and consists of beautiful modern infrastructure. 

  1. Investment in real estate by NRIs and other individuals in Mysore is booming nowadays and this has led to great demand for MUDA plots and as a result, it became costly for buyers 
  2. DTCP approved projects are available on the outskirts of the city and are much more affordable and budget-friendly to the buyers 
  3. Buyers who cannot afford to get MUDA sites have an option to choose DTCP approved sites. 
  4. Good return on investment if you buy a DTCP approved site since Mysore is one of the fastest-growing cities in India
  5. Assured legal compliance and proper documentation
  6. Mysore is well connected to its villages, taluks, towns with roads and public transport and all big manufacturing companies, factories and IT companies are situated in outskirts of the city.
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